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I think that everything that happen in this world come by setting. Everything happen for a reason, not coincidentally, not instantly. Everyone has to do some efforts to gain what they want. Even instant noodle has to be cooked before we can eat it. Even shopping in online shop need a gadget and money transfer before we can receive the things. Even in magic world, need some spells to do something. See?

Alohora, is a kind of spell in Harry Potter by JK. Rowling. We just have to hold that stick and say this, and wooops! The door is opened! If only we can do the same way in our real world. I won’t just say this spell to open the doors, but also say this spell to open your heart’s door.

I know that you had been hurt for a long time. Won’t you try to reopen your heart and your mind?

Maybe over there, there were some girls that made you sad, but they were just in past. ¬†Look at here, you’ll find a girl who never promise that will always make you happy, but she will promise to be beside you wherever and whatever your condition. She promise will not hurt you. She is right here and even will be in your future. Maybe, she is me.

Maybe over there, there were some girls that made you locked your heart, but here there is a girl who holds the key to your heart. Maybe, she is me.

Maybe over there, there were some girls that made you felt in love to, but in the end you realized that they never became the best choosen for you. But look at here, there is a girl who used to be your best friend and never come to your mind, but maybe she is the best choosen from God for you. Maybe, she is me.

How if I am that girl?



Run 1:

Sometimes we try to run from the reality. But didn’t be such a coward. Just face it whatever will happen right in front of our eyes.
Run 2:

Sometimes we run desperately to every place that far away to find what we want. But sometimes Allah gives us something or someone that destined for us just near by. Just like Hajar who did sa’i from Shafa to Marwa to find a drop of water, but finally she found a lot of water right before her small baby-Ismail’s feet. 

Run 3:

Whatever it comes, whenever or whereever it happens, we have to run for the sake of Allah. 

Fateful Encounter

Everybody has own question in the mind about fate. Fate always make everyone wonder, what will happen in future?

I do believe that both  encounter  and farewel are part of the fate. We can’t choose will be met or parted with. We can’t make that we just meet the right person for once. Never lose him or her anymore. No drama, no regret. We need not to find him or her in a long time, need not to make a boring waiting. We also can’t force that fate never separate us with the love one.

Once upon a time, we meet someone and fall in to him or her. He or she is our world. Then, we guess that he or she is the choosen. Someone who become our fateful mate. Our partner of life. We survive for that feeling, without know he or she feel the same or not. We ignore another feeling from another man or woman. That another feeling can’t wait for us for a long time without any  certainty. They go at the very end. Our feeling towards the beloved one change to the tragedy when he or she, choose another man or woman. Not us.

For the sake of our feeling, we know clearly in the end. We stall not let go the sincere feeling that come to us. We just didn’t know. We just blind for now.

Fate is something that always come with questions. We have to find the answer. 

Our fateful encounter, our half other, will come to us if he or she really is destined for us, no matter what the obstacle.  But if he or she is not our match, he or she will leave us no matter what the cause. 

Campus Daily Life Beginning

The people say that the best thing come when we are in “white and grey” phase. Senior High School. In the beginning, I think that it is true. I miss my friend, my teachers, my life in Senior High School, My Scout’s activities and so many things. But once I know the real campus life, I turn on it. 

Later, my campus life will be the stories in loving the fate.  Every moments that make me have to choose for loving the fate, whatever it brings. Pleasure or sadness. Colourful or Monochrome.

Coming soon. 

Someone Whom I Cried For

It still when I was in Senior High School.  In the very end, I joined PRAMUKA as I did before. I really loved this organization. Once, I almost gave up to this organization because of a triffle reason. Achievement. At that time, I thought if I joined any some organization, it would affected my achievement in class.

But the time I didn’t give up was something that I had to be grateful. I didn’t have any regret  for not giving up.

I was a kind of girl who never showed my tears to anyone, although they were my parent or my closest friends. I was good at hiding my feeling and played that everything alright.

But some conditions ssuddenly  appeared in front of me. My chest was full of anxiety, I felt so sad, and also had a lot of burden just by seeing my friend’s face. He was a boy who was very close to me at that time. I called him partner. Realizing that he was a student’s president and also a highest position in PRAMUKA, I knew very well what he felt. 

I didn’t know why but once upon a time when I saw his face, I cried out loud. In front of his face. I didn’t know what happened. It just happened. I didn’t know what he thought about me. Maybe he thought that I just too much or I suddenly become a drama queen. But something that I knew was I considered that I looked ugly. Very ugly. 

Later, in campus I did the same thing to someone. And now, I am shame. So  shameful.

(Pict taken from One Piece, by Eichiro Oda)

My Hijab Stories Part 2: Hijab and Pocong

Source: si.ocong in google

Who had the same experience with me? When you tried to hijrah or moved on from the past to be better, but the people around you just said cruel words.

It was exactly happened to me several years ago. As a student who wore hijab with the uniform, white hijab was a  precious thing. It was compulsory! 

Once upon a time, my classmate came and said that my hijab was the same with the pocong’s. What ridiculuous! If I had the power of Harry Potter I would just had been said some enchantments like Avadra kedavra. Oh no, that was too much. I was not that cruel. At that time I just smiled brightly (eaaa…) and said thank to him. 

Whatever we did, wrong or right, there would always be the people who talked about us. 

It’s normal. 

Along we lived together with the people, our live would not come as easy as we thought. Just listened to, but never took it to the deepest heart.

Fighting for everything we love and we believe, our life just once. Don’t regret it even just in our thought.